Donnerstag, 3. Juni 2010

Geschenketipp oder Must have!!

Hallo Liebe Leser,

endlich hab ich mal Zeit dieses tolle Buch vorzustellen. Ich habe es schon oft verschenkt und bisher immer nur Lächeln der neuen Buchbesitzer geerntet.

Es sind mehr wie 50 schwarz-weiß Fotografien von Windspielen und Greyhounds. Aufnahmen von tollen Momenten und tollen Hunden.

Hier die englische Buchbeschreibung:

Product Description
More than 50 photos that capture the beauty and spirit of Greyhounds and Italian Greyhounds.

Hounds in gorgeous black-and-white photography.
The perfect gift for greyhound lovers.

Be they Iggies (Italian Greyhounds) or Greyts (Greyhounds), these elegant dogs have been the subjects of artists' gazes for more than two thousand years. Sleek and slim, they've got the looks and bearing of supermodels-yet all it takes is a lopsided grin, a poke of the nose, or a whimsical head tilt to see that they are playful clowns at heart.

Greyhounds of all sizes bring gentleness and grace into the homes of those who love them. Greyhounds Big and Small celebrates these affectionate and beautiful creatures with over fifty photographs that skillfully capture the essence of 'greyhoundedness.'
About the Author
Amanda Jones is one of the premier animal photographers in the United States. She travels the country extensively, and has been producing elegant portraits of dogs for the past ten years. Her style emphasizes each subject's expressive features through simple lighting techniques and focal clarity.

Viel Spass beim Verschenken und Stöbern.